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alphabetical by song title


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The song titles, artists and chords listed below are strictly personal interpretations and wild guesses by the author, who, unfortunately for those who are seriously concerned about absolute accuracy, is also the editor. All corrections and suggestions for changes are welcomed. (Notes about "Pandora" refer to the author's electronic device.)

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21 GUNS, Greenday                                     Em, C, G, D...


ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, Beatles            C, Cmaj7, Em, Dm, G, G7

                                                                        C, Cmaj7, Em, Dm, Fm6

                                                                        C - Cmaj7 - C2 - C     

                                                                        G - G7, F, C x2


ACT NATURALLY, Johnny Russell & Voni Morrison   

                                                                        G, C, G, D, G, C, D, G x2

                                                                        D - D7, G x3       

                                                                        A - A7, D - D7


AFTER MIDNIGHT, J. J. Cale (Clapton)     D, F, G, D x2      D, F x3 G, A


ALL RIGHT NOW, Free                                A - D         A, G, D       E


AMAZING GRACE                                        A, D, E


AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL                        D, A, A7, D, A, D, A, Ab, A, B7,

                                                                         E, E7, D, A, A7, D, D7, G, D, G, A, D


AMERICAN PIE, Don MacLean                    G, Em, Am, Em, D

                                                                         G, Em, Am, C, Em, Am, D

                                                                         Em, Am x2    C, Am, C, D

                                                                         G, Em, Am, C, G, Em, C, D, D7, G

                                                                         C, G, D turnaround


                                                                         CHORUS:    G, C, G, D x3   Em, A, Em,D      

                                                                         ends C, D, G - C - G 


AMERICAN WOMAN, Guess Who               E, E7 over and over 

(pandora: rock2, E)


AND I LOVE HER, Beatles                            Fm ...


AND THE BEAT GOES ON, Sonny & Cher        E - E7 over and over


ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW THEME                  C, G, C, G, C, F, D, G


ANGIE, Rolling Stones                                    Am, E7, G, F   G, Dm, Am, C, F, G


ANTICIPATION, Carly Simon                         D - D/A, D, G, Em, A



                                                                           G, C, G, D7, G, C, G, D7, G

                                                                           G, D, G, C, G, C, G, D, G      D7 turnaround



ANOTHER TEQUILLA SUNRISE, Eagles     G, D, Am, C     Em, Am, D


ARE YOU STRONG ENOUGH, Cheryl Crowe          D, G, Bm, A


AS TEARS GO BY, Rolling Stones                 G, A, C, D x2   C, D, G, Em, C, D


ATLANTIS, Donovan                                        C, D, F, C, G  or  G, A, C, G, D


A WELL RESPECTED MAN, Kinks                C - Em7 - Am       F - Em - F - D7 - G

(pandora: funk 1, 73, C)


BACK IN THE U.S.S.R., Beatles                     A, D, C, D, A x2     

(pandora: 125, 8beat5, A)                                A, C, D, A

                                                                           D, A, D, C ("sing"), B7 ("shout'),

                                                                           E7, D7, A


BAD, BAD LEROY BROWN, Jim Croce        G, A, B, C, D


BAD MOON RISING, Creedence                   D, G, A, D       G, D, A, G, D


BANG ON THE DRUM, Todd Rundgren        C, Bb, F        G, Am, G, D, F, C


BEHIND BLUE EYES, Who                            Em, G, D, C, A, x2

                                                                           C, D, G, C, D, E, Bm, C, D, A ...

                                                                           E, Bm, A


BENNIE AND THE JETS, Elton                      Dm ...


BEVERLY HILLBILLIES                                  A, E, A, D, D7, E, A


BLESSED, Elton                                               Dm, Gm, C ...


BLUE BAYOU, Roy Orbison                            G, Gmaj7, D, C, Am

                                                                            C, Cmaj7, G, F, Fmin6


BLUE SUEDE SHOES, Elvis                           E, A, B7


BLUEBERRY HILL, Fats Domino                    F, C, G, B7, Em, E, G


BOBBIE McGEE, Kris Kristofferson                G, D, C


BOOGIE WOOGIE BB of CO. B                     C, F, G


BORDER SONG, Elton                                     C ...


BORN TO BE WILD, Steppenwolf                   Em    G, A, E  

                                                                             E, G, A, G, Em     E, D, A, D


BREAKDOWN, Tom Petty                                Am, G     Fmaj7     Am, G, F, G   Fmaj7


BROWN EYED GIRL, Van Morrison                G, C, D, Em


BURN DOWN THE MISSION, Elton                 G ...


BURN ON (Cayahoga River), Randy Newman      E, A, B7


BYE BYE LOVE, Everly Brothers                       G, D, A7, Em


CALIFORNIA DREAMING, Mamas & Poppas       Am, G, F, G, Bm7, E7,

F, C, E7 Am, E, E7


CAN'T BUT ME LOVE, Beatles                          C, F, G, Em, Am, Dm, G7


CAN I PUT YOU ON, Elton                                         C ...




CANDLE IN THE WIND, Elton                                   Piano: C, Guitar E, A, B7, F#m


CENTERFIELD, John Fogerty                                   E...


CHAINS, (Beatles)                                                       A, D, E


COCAINE, J.J. Cale                                                    E, D        E, D, C, B7


COME DOWN IN TIME, Elton                                    Am, D


COME MONDAY, Jimmy Buffett                                A, D, E, A x2    Bm, E    D, A, D, E

                                                                                      A, E, D, E, D, E, G#, A


CONSTANT CRAVINGS, K.D. Lang                         Em, Am, D   G


CORTEZ THE KILLER                                                Em7, D, Am7


COUNTRY COMFORT, Elton                                     C ...


COUNTRY HONK (Honkey Tonk Women)                G, C, A, D    G, D


COUNTRY ROAD, John Denver                                G, Em, D, C, G x2

                                                                                      G, D, Em, C, G, D, C, G

                                                                                      Em, D, G, C, G, D,

Em, F, C, G, D, D7


CROCKODILE ROCK, Elton John                                      G, Bm, C, D x2  

                                                                                      Em, A, D, G         Em, A, D, C

                                                                                      G, Em, C, D       


CRY, BABY, CRY, Beatles                                         G, Am, F, G, Em7, A7, F

                                                                                      Em, Em maj7, Em7, Em6, C7, G


DANIEL, Elton John                                                    C, Dm, G, E, Am, F, G, Am, F, G,

                                                                                      F, C, F, C x2, Am, F, Ab,

C, A, Dm, G


DARLING BE HOME SOON, Lovin' Spoonful           G, C, Cmaj7, D


DAYDREAM BELIEVER, Monkeys                           C, (C) F, C, F, C, Am, D, G

                                                                                      F, G, Em, F, G, Am ...


DEAD FLOWERS, Rolling Stones                            D, A, G, D X2    A, D, A, D - D7,

                                                                                        CHORUS:    G, D X3    D, A, G, D


DEPERADO, Eagles                                                   G, G7, C, Cm, G, (Gb) D,

Em, (D) Em, A7, D, G

Em, D, C, G, Em, Am, G


DEVOTED TO YOU, Everly Brothers                        G, Em, D ...


DIXIE                                                                            G, C, G, D, G X2    G, C, A7, D7, G, C, G, D

                                                                                        G, D, G, D, G


DON'T BE CRUEL, Elvis                                            G, C, Am, D


DON'T PASS ME BY, Beatles                                    A, D, E


DON'T YOU LOVE HER MADLY, Doors                   Am, Dm, C, E


DO WAH DIDDY,                                                          E, A


DOWN BY THE RIVER, Albert Hammond                Em7, A,      Cmaj7, Bm

D, A, G, Em, A


DREAM ON, Aerosmith                                               Em, (D) Em, (Db) Em, (C) Em .. B


DUST IN THE WIND, Kansas                                    C, G, Am, G, F, Am x2

                                                                                      G, Dm, Am


EIGHT DAYS A WEEK, Beatles                                D, E, G, D x2  Bm, Em, Bm, E

                                                                                      D, E, G, D     A, Bm, E, G, A7


ELEANOR RIGBY, Beatles                                        C, Em (x2),

                                                                                      Em, Em7, Emaj7, Em, Am (C 2nd time) (x2)

                                                                                      Em7, Em maj7, Em6, Em (x2)


EVE OF DESTRUCTION, Barry McGuire                 D, G, A      D, G, A, D, Bm, G, A, D


EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE, Police (Sting)            C, Am, F, G       D


EVERY MORNING/HALO, Sugar Ray                       G, C


EVIL WAYS, Santana                                                  Am, D, E


FASTER GUN, Aztec Two-Step                                 G ...


FIRE AND RAIN, James Taylor                                 C, Bb, F, C C, G (Bb)Dm x2

                                                                                      F, Dm, G7, C


(The) FIRST CUT IS THE DEEPEST, Cat Stevens G, D, C, D   G, C, D


FIRST EPISODE AT HIENTON, Elton                     


FOR FREE, Joni Mitchell                                            C, Bb, Am, Dm, F, Bb, F x2

                                                                                      Dm, C, F, C, Bb, Am, G

                                                                                      C, Bb, Am, Dm, F, Bb, F, Am


FOR THE FIRST TIME, The Script                            A+2...


FOR YOUR LOVE, Yardbirds                                    Em, G, A, Am   B7, A, E, C#m, B7

                                                                                        - or -

                                                                                      Am, C, D, Dm       E, D, A     E, D, F#m, E


FREE AS A BIRD, 1995 Beatles                               A ...


FREE BIRD, Lenard Skynard                                     G, D, Em, F, C, D       F, C, D

                                                                                      G, Bb, C, C


FREE WORLD, Neil Young                                        Em, D, C,  G, D, C,  A


FRIEND OF THE DEVIL, Grateful Dead                    G, C, D, Am


FRIENDS, Elton                                                           (G) Bb ...


FROM ME TO YOU, Beatles                                      G, Em, G, D7, C7, Em, G, D, G

                                                                                      Dm7, G7, C, Em7, A7, D, D7


FROSTY THE SNOWMAN                                        C, F, G, Dm, Em, D


GET BACK, Beatles                                                   C, F, C     C - C7, F, C      Bb, F, C


GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN,                        G, Em, C2 - Cmaj7 - C

Cyndi Lauper                                                                Em, D, C, Em, D, G      Em, G


GLORIA, Van Morrison                                                E, D, A


GLORY OF LOVE, Chicago                                       C, G, F ...


GOLDEN SLUMBERS, Beatles                                 Am7, Dm, G, C, Em, Am,

Dm, G, C    C-Cmaj7, F, C x2,

Em, Am, Dm, G, C

C, G (carry that weight)

Em, Am7, Dm, G, C, F, Bm, E, Am

G, C (out of college), E, Am, Bb, F, G, C     Bb, F, C x2    Bb, F, G

Am7, Dm, G, C, F, Bm, E, Am


GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD, Elton              D# ...


GRANDMA'S IN THE CELLAR                                  G, D, D7, G, C, G, D, G, C, G, D, G


(The) GREATEST DISCOVERY, Elton                     G ...


GREEN RIVER, Creedence Clearwater Revival       E - E7   C, A, E


HAPPY TOGETHER, Turtles                                      Em, D, C, B7, E, D


HARMONY, Elton                                                         (D) Eb, C, Gm, F, Dm, A


HARVEST, Neil Young                                                 D, A, G, D, A, G, A Bm, E, D


HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE RAIN, CCR               C, G, G7 x2    F, G, C, Em, Am x2

                                                                                       F, G, C


HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE,              Dm, A7, G x2,    Bm, G, Dm, G

Creedence Clearwater Revival                                  Chorus: Dm, G


HELLO MARY LOU, Ricky Nelson                             A, D, A, E, A, Db, F#m, A, E, A


HELPLESS, Neil Young                                              D, A, G


HERE COMES THE SUN, Beatles                            C


HEY HEY, MY MY, Neil Young                                    Am, G, Fmaj7 x 2

                                                                                      C, G, Am, F, Am, G, Fmaj7


HEY JUDE, Beatles                                                     Keyboards: F


G, D, D7, G, C, G, D, D7, G   x2

G7, C, Em, Am, Am7, D, D7, G  x2

                                                                                      G, F, C, G (na na nas)



FOND OF ROBIN, Carly Simon                        C, Cmaj7, Bb, Am, D, Dm7, G x2

                                                                                      C, F, C, F, C, E, A, D7, G, C




HONEY PIE, Beatles                                                   Em, A, C, Cm, G      A7, D7

                                                                                      G, Eb, E, A7, D7, G


HONKEY CAT, Elton John                                          D7, G, C, B7, E, D7, G


HONKEY TONK WOMEN, Rolling Stones                G, C, A, D


HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN, Animals                   Am, C, D, F, Am, C, E, Am, C, D

                                                                                      F, Am, E, Am


I AM BEAUTIFUL, Christine Aguilera                        Eb, (Db) Eb, (C) Ab, (B) Abm x2

                                                                                      Ab, (F) Ab, Eb, (Db) Eb7, (C) Ab

                                                                                                (F) Ab, Eb


I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW, Johnny Nash               C, F, C, F, G, C, F, C,    Bb, F, C x2

                                                                                        F, C, F, A, Amaj7 ...


I CAN'T HELP F.I.LOVE W/U, Elvis                          D, A, Bm, G, D, A

                                                                                                F#m, Bm x3, G, A - A7


                                                                                        - or -


                                                                                     C, Em, Am, F, C, G     F, G, Am, F, C, G, C

                                                                                        Em, Am x3  Dm, G - G7


I CAN'T MAKE YOU LOVE ME, Bonnie Raitt           Eb, (G) Bb, Gm+c, Eb    Eb (D) Bb, Gm, Cm

                                                                                        Eb, (G) Bb, Gm+c, Eb    Eb (D) Bb, Gm, Cm

                                                                                        (F) Bb - F     Eb, Bb, Eb     Eb,Bb, (D) Bb, Eb

                                                                                         (G)Bb, Ebmaj7, (A)F, (G)Bb x2  Cm, (F)Bb-F

                                                                                            Eb, Eb, Ebmaj7


I FOUGHT THE LAW AND THE LAW WON,           E, A, E, B7 ... 

Bobby Fuller Four   



THEY CALL IT THE BLUES, Elton                             G, Em, F, C      B7




I NEED YOU TO TURN TO, Elton                              Em, D


I SAW HER STANDING THERE, Beatles                 E, A, B7, E, E7, A, C, E, B7, E

                                                                                         A, B7, A - A7


I WILL, Beatles                                                            C


IF I FELL, Beatles                                                       F#...


IF I HAD A HAMMER, Woody Guthrie                       G, C, D, Em


IF I WERE A CARPENTER                                       A, G, D


IF IT MAKES YOU HAPPY, Cheryl Crowe                G, C, D, Am, C, G, D, Em


IF YOU'RE GOING TO SAN FRANCISCO               Em, C, G, D x2, Em, G, C, G

                                                                                                Em, C, D, G     F, G x2, D


IMAGINE, John Lennon                                              C, F, G    C, E, F, G, C


I'M A BELIEVER, Monkeys                                         G, D, C, F


I'M SO LONESOME I COULD CRY, Hank Willams  C, Em, Am, C, C, Em, Gm7, C7

                                                                                                F, Fm6, C, Am, C, G, C


I'M THE ONLY ONE, Melissa Etheridge                    G      Am, D x2


                                                                                       G, F, Em x2      Am, C, F, C, G     F, G, Em ...


IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, Billie Joel            G, C, D     Em, C, D, Em, A, D


IN THE JUNGLE, The Vines                                       A, D, E


INDIAN SUNSET, Elton                                              F# maj7


IT DON'T COME EASY, George Harrison                 D, Am, C, D x2  Am, D, Am, C, D


IT'S ALL OVER NOW, Rolling Stones                      (intro. G, F, C, D x2)

                                                                                      G     D, C, G x2        (Walter's uncle Bobby Womack)


I'VE JUST SEEN A FACE, Beatles                           G, Em, C, D


JAIL HOUSE ROCK, Elvis                                          slide D


JAMBALAYA                                                               D, A


JINGLE BELLS                                                           G


JOY TO THE WORLD                                                G


JULIA, Beatles                                                             D


KANSAS CITY                                                             E, A, B7


KEEP ON ROCKIN' THE FREE WORLD, Neil Y.    Em, D, C       G, D, C   A




(The) KING MUST DIE, Elton                                     Dm, C, B, A7


 KIRBY COVE SONG                                                  Amaj7, Em7 x2

Dmaj7, A, Dmaj7, Esus - E



(KEVIN'S) DOOR, Bob Dylan                                     G, D, Am     G, D, C


LA BAMBA, Richie Valens                                          D, G, A


LAKE CHARLES, Lucinda Williams                           A, E, A - A7, D, A, E, A x2

                                                                                       D, A - A7, D, A, E - E7, A


LAST TIME, Rolling Stones                                        E, D, A


LATE IN THE EVENING, Paul Simon                        A, E, A, E, B7


LAUGHTER IN THE RAIN, Neil Sedaka                    F, Gm7, C, F x2

                                                                                      Dm, G7, C     C#maj7, G#maj7, C


LAY DOWN SALLY, Eric Clapton                              A, D, E


LAYLA (piano solo), Eric Clapton                               C, (E) C, F ... Bb


LET IT BE, Beatles                                                      C, G, Am, F, C, G, F, C


LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL                                  C


LET'S GO, Richie Valens                                            G, C, D




(The) LETTER, Boxtops                                             Am, F, G, D7, Am, F7, E7 x2

C, G, F, C, G x2, E7


LEVON, Elton                                                               F, Bb ...




LIGHT MY FIRE, Doors                                              see music


LOLA                                                                             E, A, D, E, A   C, B7, D, A


LONELY AT LAST, Elements of Style                       Am +g, D, Am, D, G, B, Em ...


(The) LONG RUN, Eagles                                           C, F,         Am, F       G


LK WHT TH'VE DONE 2 MY SONG MA, Melanie     G, Em, C, C7, G, A, C, G, D, G, D


LOSING MY RELIGION, R.E.M.                                 Am, Em, Dm, G     F, Am x2   G  ...


LOVE HER MADLY, Doors                                        Am, Dm, Am, C, F, D, Am     Am, E7, Am x2

                                                                                       (All your love) D/D7, G, C, A, D   C, Am, G, E, Am


LOVE LIES BLEEDING, Elton                                   intro.: A, C, G, F, G, A

                                                                                      A, E, Dbm, D, Bm, B

                                                                                      A, Gbm,Bm, D, A, E, D

                                                                                      Gbm, Bm, Esus-E, Gbm, Bm, E

                                                                                      A, Bm, Dbm, D,

                                                                                      (D)F, Gbm, E, A


LOVE SONG, Leslie Duncan/Elton         John           A+, A




LUCKY MAN, ELP                                                       G, D x4     Am, Em, D x2


LYING EYES, Eagles                                                  G, Gmaj7, C, Am, D


MAGGIE MAY, Rod Stewart                                       E, D, A


MAGNOLIA,                                                                 Am, G      Fmaj7, Cmaj7


MARTHA MY DEAR, Beatles                                     Eb


ME AND JULIO, Paul Simon                                       A, D, E


MICHELE'S SONG, Elton                                           F, Bb


MIKE DURAND SONG, Mike Durand                        Em, Am, B7


MIXED EMOTIONS, Rolling Stones                          D       Am, Bm, C, D   Dsus  D


MJSD WARM-UP SONG, MJSD                                Am, C, G, D x2     G, D, C x4    Em, D


MONEY, Beatles                                                          E, A, B7


MONEY HONEY, (Dave B.)                                        A, E, D, B7, E      A, D, A, F#, B7, E, A


MOONLIGHT MILE, Rolling Stones                           G, Am, Am7, C


MOTHER OF PEARL                                                  E, EA, EB    D, A, E


MY BONNIE LIES OVER THE OCEAN                     D, G, E, A




MY GRANDFATHER'S CLOCK                                 G, D, G, C, G, D, G X2      G, C, G, A, D

                                                                                        G, D, G, C, G, D, G                              


MY GIRL                                                                       G, C         G, Am, C, D x2    G, Am, D7


NEEDLE, Neil Young                                                   D, descending bass, Gm6,

C, F, Esus - E     


NIGHTS IN WHITE SATIN, Moody Blues                 Em, D x2, C, G, F, Em, repeat

                                                                                                A, C, Em, D, Em, D

                                                                                      Em, D, C, B, x2, Em, C x2

Am, B x2, Em, D, C, Em, D, Em, D


NO SHOESTRINGS ON LOUISE, Elton John          E, A, B7


NORWEGIAN WOOD, Beatles                                  E, Em, A, F#m, B7


OBLADI, OBLADA, Beatles                                       F, Bb, C


OCTOPUS' GARDEN, Beatles                                  G, Em, C, D


OH, DARLING, Beatles                                               F


OLYMPICS / WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS              C, Em, Am, G, C, G x2

                                                                                      E, B7 ...


(THE) ONE, Elton                                                        D ...


(THE) ONE I LOVE, R.E.M.                                        Em, D, Em     G, D, Am, C, Em, D, Em


OYE COMO VA, Santana                                            Am, D, E


PAINT IT BLACK, Rolling Stones                              Em, B7 X2       Em, D, G, D, Em

                                                                                       Em, D, G, D, A, B7



Eagles (Jack Tempchin)                                    G, C, D, Am ...


PEOPLE ARE STRANGE, Doors                              Em, Am, B7     B7, G


PIANO MAN, Billy Joel                                                 C


POPPA WAS A ROLLING STONE,                         Bm7 over and over




PROUD MARY  Creedence                                        D  -  A, Bm, D 

C, A, C, A, C,  A, F, D


REASON, Hubastank (2004)                                      E, Dbm, A, B7, D


REASON TO BELIEVE, Tim Hardin                          G, C, D, A7, Em


RETURN TO SENDER, Elvis Presley                        piano (Elvis') chords / guitar chords


RHIANNON, Fleetwood Mac                                       Am, F, C


RIDERS ON THE STORM, Doors                             Em, Am, D, C


ROCKIN' ROBIN, Bobbie Day                                    E, A, B7


ROCK 'N' ROLL MUSIC, Beatles                               G, C, D


ROCK THIS TOWN, Stray Cats                                 E, A, B7


ROCKET MAN, Elton                                                  (G) Bb, (C) Bb ...


(The) ROSE, Bette Midler                                           C, G, F, G, C x2,

                                                                                        Em, Am, F, G       C, G, F, G, C


ROY ROGERS, Elton                                                  C, G, G7, C, Am, Em, F, G x2

                                                                                       Am, D7, F, C     

                                                                                       G, C, F, D7, G, Am, Em, F, D7,  G - G7

                                                                                       Am, Em, F, G, C - (C) F - C




RUNAWAY                                                                    Gm, F, Eb, Dsus - D x2     G, Em x4    

                                                                                        C, D7, G, C, G       turn D7


SAN FRANCISCO DAYS, Chris Isaak                       intro.: C7, G7, C7, D#, D, G

                                                                                      G, C - C7, G, C - C7, G

chorus: C7, G7, C7, D#, D, G


SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN                   C, F, C, F, C, Am, Dm, G, C...


SATISFACTION, Rolling Stones                               E, A, D ...


SATURDAY NIGHT'S ALRIGHT FF, Elton               C, Bb, G ...


SEASONS, Elton (Friends ~ 1969)                            F


SECRET AGENT MAN,                                              Em, Am, Em, B7, Em, Am, Em, Am, Em

                                                                                      D, Em, D, Em, Am, B7


SECRET ASIAN MAN                                               


SHE'S NOT THERE, Zombies                                   Am, D, Am, D, Am, F, Am, D

Am, D, Am, D, Am, F, A   

D, Dm, Am, Em, Am, D, Dm, C, E


SHOTGUN, Jr. Walker & All Stars                              E


SIERRA, Boz Scaggs                                                 see music


SILENT NIGHT                                                            C, G, C, F, C, F, C, G, C, G, C


SISTER CHRISTIAN,                                                 C, F, G, Em      C, F, Bb


SIXTY YEARS ON, Elton                                            intro.: Bm, (B) A, (B) E, (B) D, Bm

                                                                                      Bm, A, G, (Gb) D, Em, Gb


SKYLINE PIDGEON, Elton John                                Eb, Bb, Ab, Bb, Eb, F, Ab,

(Bb) Eb, Bb, Eb, Ab, Bb, Eb

Ab, (Bb) Eb, Eb, Ab, (Bb) Eb

Eb, (D) Bb, Cm, Ab, Eb, Ab,

Eb, Ab, (Bb) Eb, Eb


SLOOP JOHN B.                                                         G, D, C ...


SMOKE TWO JOINTS, The Toys                              Bm, G       G, A, Gb7




SOMETHING, Beatles                                                C



YOU LOOK TONIGHT, Elton                            F# 


SON OF YOUR FATHER, Elton                                 C ...


SOUNDS OF SILENCE, Simon & Garfunkle             Em, D, Em, C, G, C, G, C, G, Em, G, D, Em


SQUEEZE BOX, Who                                                 G, D, C


ST. JAMES INFIRMARY                                            Am, Em, Am, Dm, Am, Em, F, E, Am


SUMMERTIME BLUES,                                              A, D, E     A, D


SUNDOWN, Gordon Lightfoot                                    E, B7   E, A, D, E


SUPERMAN, Five for Fighting                                    D, A, Bm, G


SUZY Q, Creedence Clearwater Revival                    E, A, C, B


SWEET BABY JAMES, James Taylor                       D   see music


SWEET HOME ALABAMA                                                   D, C, G & repeat




SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL, Rolling Stones        E, D, A, E      B7, E


TAKE IT EASY, Eagles                                               G, D, C, Em


TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME                        Keys:  C, G, C, G, Am, Dm, D, G, C, G, C, C7, F, F7+, (G)C, A, D, G, C


                                                                                      Guitar:  D, A, D, A, Bm, Em, E, A - A7, D, A, D, D7, G

                                                                                        G, G#, D, B7, E, A, D


TALKING OLD SOLDIERS, Elton                             Am, (Bb) Am, Ab


TAXMAN, Beatles                                                        D7, C7, G7      F, D


TEARS IN HEAVEN, Eric Clapton                             A ...


TEQUILA SUNRISE, Eagles                                      G, D, Am, D7, G x2     Em, Am, Em, Am, Em, Am, D - D7


THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND, Woody Guthrie           G, C, G, D - D7, G - G7, C, G, (Em opt.), D - D7, G


TIME IS ON MY SIDE, Rolling Stones                       G, C, D7 x2,

Em, D7, Em, A, D, D x3, D7

bridge: C7, G7


TIME OF THE SEASON, Zombies                            Em, Am x2      Em, G x2     Em, C, Em, Am, E


TIME OF YOUR LIFE, Greenday                               G, C, D x2     Em, D, C, G x2     Em, G, Em, G, Em, D, G

                                                                                        turn: G, C, D x2


TINY DANCER, Elton                                                  C, F, C, F, C, (A) F, (B) G, C...

                                                                                      Ab, Bb, Gm, Cm, Ab, Bb, (B) G, (D) G7, F, Dm ... (A) F ...



LONELY PEOPLE, America                             C, Am, Em x2     F, G, C, Am, F, G, C

                                                                             F, Em, Dm x2, F, Em, Dm, G, C


TOYLAND                                                                    Dm, Am, Bb, C, Dm, F, Bb, Bbm, F, G, C

                                                                                      Dm, Am, Bb, C, Dm, F, Dm, G, F, D7, Gm, C, F


TWIST AND SHOUT, Beatles                                    D, G, A


UNDER MY THUMB, Stones                                      F#m, E, D x2     A, D, B7, F#m, E, D, A


UNDER THE BOARDWALK, The Drifters                G, D - D7, G, C, G, D - D7, G     Em, D, Em, D, Em


UP ON THE ROOF, The Drifters                                G, Em, C, D x2    C, Cmaj7, G, Em, Am, D 


VINCENT, Don McClean                                             G, Am, C, D, G, D x2

                                                                                      Am, D, G, Em, Am, D, Em, A, D, G


WAREWOLVES OF LONDON,                                 (D) G, D, C, G, (G)C, G   repeat


WE CAN WORK IT OUT, Beatles                             D, C, G, D x2

                                                                                      G, D, G, A     Bm, Em, A, C, G, D x2


WE GOTTA GET OUT OF THIS PLACE                 E - E - D - E        A, D, E, A, B7, E  

                                                                                        A, D, E      F#m


WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS                  G, C, A, D, B7, Em, C, D-G (x2)

                                                                                      Good tidings we bring...   G, D, A-A7, D,      G, D, C, D-G

                                                                                      G, C, A, D, B7, Em, C, D-G


WEIGHT (Take a Load Off Annie), Band                  intro.  G, descending base, Em, C

                                                                                      G, Bm, C, G x4     G, (Gb)D, C


WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU, The Romantics            E, A, D    or  C, F, G


WHEN WILL I BE LOVED, Everly Brothers              G, C, D x7       C, G, C, G, C, G, C, D - D7


WHERE TO NOW, ST. PETER, Elton                       A...


WHO DO YOU LOVE, George Thorogood              E - E7, repeat endlessly




WHO'LL STOP THE RAIN, Creedence CR              G, D, C, Em (Bm?)


WHY NOT ME, Judds                                                  A, G, D, A x2     E, D, A x2


WICKED GAMES, Chris Isaak                                   Bm, A, E


WILD HORSES, Rolling Stones                                 Bm, G X2, Am, C, G, D

                                                                                                Am, C, D, G, F, C x2


WIND BENEATH MY WINGS                                    C...


WONDERFUL TONIGHT, Eric Clapton                     [G (descending base)]   G, (Gb)D, C, D x2     

                                                                                      C, D - D7, G, Em, C, D - D7, G

                                                                                      C, D - D7, G, (Gb)D, Em, C, D, C, D - D7, G


WONDERING, Neil Young                                          Intro.: doo wah in G

                                                                                      G, D, G, C, D, G, Bm, C

                                                                                      G, [F, C], G, G, F, C, G x2


WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN, Who                         C, G, D ...

                                                                                      C, G, C, G, C, G, F, D


WOOLY BULLY                                                         D, G, D, A7, G, D


YESTERDAY, Beatles                                                F...


YOU CAN CLOSE YOUR EYES, James Taylor       D, G, A, Bm


YOU CAN'T ALWYS GET WHAT U WANT, Stones          G, C, A   or  C, F, D


YOU CAN'T DO THAT, Beatles                                  G7, C7, D7    

B7, Em, C, D, G, B7, Em, Am, D7




                                                Danny Roberts             G, D, Em, C


YOU REALLY GOT ME, Kinks                                   G - G7, A - A7, D - D7, C


YOUR SONG, Elton                                                     Eb, (Eb) Ab, (Eb) Bb, (Eb) Ab, Eb



Traveling Wilburys (Roy Orbison)                    D, C, G, D      D, C, G, A

                                                                             D, Bm, Gbm, A x2

                                                                             D, A, Bm, G x2

                                                                             D, (Db)C7, Bm, G, (A)D-A



                                                Beatles                          G, D, F, G, C, F, C, x2     D

                                                                                      chorus: G, C, D


96 TEARS,                                                                   C7, F7













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